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Dupe Escape Room in an Envelope:

An at-home escape room that you can play around your kitchen table, with an optional personalized ending*.*Over 90,000 Puzzle Posts soldDifficulty - 3/5Aimed at 14+, and for groups of 1-4The games includes eight individual puzzles, and has an interactive personalize-able online ending. All the pieces are designed to be as immersive as possible; enter the Helsinki Art Festival. Story: Alvar Korhonen is a reputable Finnish Art Dealer who’s been negotiating art deals at the Helsinki Art Fest for years. Only this year, he’s unwittingly brokered a deal that isn’t all that it seems and is putting his life and that of his children at risk…He was supposed to deliver your message but has had to leave the city and go into hiding. He was scared the message would be intercepted by those after him, and so has stashed it in our online vault and put seven puzzles together from his last few days in Helsinki.*Use our QR code to upload your own message and personalize your game!

Dupe Escape Room in an Envelope:

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